First action: Harvard Square Oktoberfest

What better way to kick off the project than a bit of absurdist theatre?  This morning i stamped all the big leaves that i picked up yesterday in historic Concord center… and by noon i was in Harvard Square, where throngs were already converging on the annual Oktoberfest celebration.  I dispensed about 200 stamped leaves in approximately fifteen minutes… (looks like i could have easily handed out tens of thousands more, had i been prepared).  At any rate, a good start, and a seminal moment for Leaf A Message…

“Good at any participating vendor” i cheerfully barked, handing out my artwork.
Most people cheerfully accepted.
Many people, wary of handouts, politely declined.
and two, at least, said “Thanks but i’ve already got all the leaves i need at home.”

I arrived at Oktoberfest with about 200 leaves...

High noon: there was already a crowd at Oktoberfest

Some were skeptical, but most recognized a good deal...

Do not accept imitations!

Blog, shmog.  Now that i’ve handed out several hundred leaves, will anybody be curious enough about the project to track me down here….?  By the way, i totally missed out on one of the mainstays of Oktoberfest in Harvard Square… HONK FEST brings performers and anarchists (but mostly performing anarchists) to town every year at this time.  They parade from Davis Square to Harvard Square to kick off Oktoberfest.  Sure wish i had known…

To get a feel for Honk Fest check out this video (and others like it) from 2009.  Some new footage will go up, no doubt, tonight or in the days to come:

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