Halloween: The Day After

I asked the Universe for a sign

Faced with uncertainty about the project, I asked the Universe for a sign.  The Universe sent me a rubber nose, in the gutter amongst the fallen leaves of the South End.  It’s given me the strength to go on…

Better yet, outside of the Boston Ballet Company School I came upon a young ballerina (Bless her soul) picking up a few of the “PHOTOSYNTHESIS RULES” leaves that I had scattered up and down the Clarendon Street sidewalk this afternoon.
“Cool!” she exclaimed.
I expressed curiosity (and ignorance) and she showed me the leaves.
“WOW…What do they say?” I asked her.
“I don’t know,” she replied, handing me a leaf, “but they’re so cool!”
Whereupon she handed me one of my own creations…

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