A shot in the arm

I dragged my ass from the studio to Boston Common this morning, clutching two white plastic bags (13 gallon, tall kitchen garbage with drawstring, unscented), and expecting very little.  Two measly plastic bags!  And it took a whole two days of stamping just to fill them up with leaves.

Choosing a site along a main pathway in the Common (or does one say on the Common?) I spilled the contents of the first bag, pictured above…

If having one’s work photographed is any measure of success, my gesture was a huge victory!  O.K.  let’s be honest: there are squirrels in the park who had their photograph taken more than my pile of leaves…  But if you knew my mood this morning (plagued again by those feelings of obscurity that serve as backdrop for an under-recognized artist’s day-to-day life) you would understand why i was overjoyed to see people consuming my work.  Not just looking at the leaves but photographing too.  (Initially i was curious as to why everyone settled for a photo instead of simply picking up and taking a leaf.  I guess that taking a photo is the contemporary way to own whatever one sees).


3 cameras at once!


Even the horse was interested...


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4 Responses to A shot in the arm

  1. Mary Tinti says:

    I am so excited to know that the “special” leaves I saw this weekend indeed are part of a wonderful, thoughtful public art intervention. This idea is fantastic and I wish you lots of luck with the project. And we’d love you to consider posting a bit about Leaf A Message on the New England Foundation for the Arts online Public Art Forum: http://www.nefa.org/nefa_network/public_art

    Thanks and good luck!

  2. Love it! great project. Can’t make the workshop this Saturday but will stop by tomorrow at some point if you are around. I’m in studio #306 at the BCA.

  3. leafamessage says:

    This is what it’s come to… commenting on my own blog! But my project isn’t going completely unnoticed. Check out Dress For Sports, the blog of Mary Tinti:


  4. lisa says:

    Really love this stamp “OMG I FELL”. So subtle and poignant!

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