The scenic overlook is a ritual of the American road: it lends to an otherwise sedentary physical experience the opportunity to stretch one's legs and, having lurched from the highway's edge to the glorious overlook, one is rewarded with an eyeful of majestic landscape.

Visitors to my installation, OVERLOOK,will find that physical access to the gallery is restricted to a ramp that begins at the gallery's entrance and, by way of a switchback, ascends to a platform in the center of the room. This central platform, in turn, is equipped with three viewfinders – powerful monoculars with which to examine the surrounding "landscape" contained in the gallery. Tiny Saguaro cacti dot the floor of the gallery, suggesting an expansive desert. Each telescopic viewfinder entitles individual visitors to a number of visual treasures, illegible to the naked eye. (For those who might have journeyed to the gallery with their hearts set on a more conventional display of Art i have placed three miniature sculptures on plinths...)

Through digital technologies, our hyper-visual society has reached a period in which the eyes are privileged above – and at times to the exclusion of – all other sensory organs. OVERLOOK glimpses playfully into a future marked by the symbolic disappearance of the body; a cultural landscape where scale relationships shift arbitrarily, where objects come in and out of focus but they cannot be touched.

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a small video loop can be seen
with the help of one of the viewfinders.
A calendar of months flaps away monotonously, though every now and
then there are "irregularities" in the continuous loop...

the installation as seen from the parking lot, across the hallway from the exhibition