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A one-day interactive public artwork in Portland, OR, presented in conjunction with
PARADISE at the Portland Art Museum.

Monument for Bicyclists is a temporary, interactive public artwork sited near the equestrian statue of Theodore Roosevelt, in the South Park Blocks of downtown Portland.  The statue depicts Theodore Roosevelt as the leader of the cavalry regiment called the Rough Riders that fought during the Spanish–American War. American sculptor Phimister Proctor completed “Theodore Roosevelt, Rough Rider “ in 1922.


A small replica of the concrete plinth supporting the Roosevelt statue is placed in the vicinity of the original.  Portland bicyclists are invited to become temporary “living statues” atop the miniature plinth.  Each bicyclist-participant will be assisted, along with his/her bike, to the top surface of the plinth and will strike a stationary pose.  The pose will last only a few moments, long enough to commemorate the living statue with a photograph.

High quality images of project participants will be uploaded on a website at the conclusion of the interactive event.  Images will be available for free download.  Along with images, each participant will have the opportunity to submit a personal quote that relates to his/her use of a bicycle in Portland.

The Rough Rider statue was given to Portland in 1922 to posthumously honor Theodore Roosevelt, hero and maverick, for his leadership effort in the Spanish-American War of 1898 – a historic battle well fought on foreign soil, over a century ago.  Equally important, Roosevelt is credited as the “conservation president” for his contributions to the National Park Service and creation of the Antiquities Act.

The concept of heroism, however, is not a static form; it is as changeable as the times we live in.   Among today’s heroes are the growing numbers of urban bicyclists – contemporary mavericks who play an active role in reducing the threat of global climate change.  Monument for Bicyclists will give all participating bicyclists of Portland a day to shine.  Whether a person bicycles out of necessity, for fitness, for simple love of the sport, or to combat climate change, he or she deserves to be acknowledged as a contemporary local hero.